Booking Terms and Conditions

1.0 Introduction
At Global Safety Trainers we work hard to ensure that our courses offer only the most current and relevant information for participants. Regular reviews of all our programs and procedures are undertaken to ensure course participants are provided with the most up to date information.

1.1. Aims & Objectives
We provide an adult education focused and practical approach to training. Our trainers are fully qualified and have extensive practical and theoretical experience in various high risk industries. You will learn the skills and competencies required by learning from professionals who ‘practice what they teach’.

1.2. Contacting Us
We welcome participant or employer enquiries. We can be contacted by the following methods: Email:

Phone: 1800 330 360

2.0 Course Fees
Details of our Public Course Fees are clearly stated on our website during the booking process or in a quotation for a customised program. If the situation should arise where we cancel or postpone the start date of your course we will offer an alternate date.

3.0. Course Cancellations, Refunds and Transfer Policy

3.1. All Course cancellation and transfer requests must be received in writing. The following cancellation / transfer policy applies:

3.1.1. Cancellation of booking 10 or more Business Days’ notice before the scheduled commencement date – no charge to transfer (unless if the course being transferred to is more expensive and an additional fee may be payable) and any Fees paid may be refunded within 30 business days from end of month of the received cancellation request. Application for transfer / refund must be made in writing.

3.1.2. The cancellation takes effect from when we receive written notification.

3.1.3. A 24 hour cooling off period applies for all courses. Notification of cancellation within this period will result in a full refund less any third party transaction fees.

3.1.4. Cancellation within 10 Business Days prior to the scheduled commencement date – forfeit of the full Fee.

3.2. Global Safety Trainers may cancel or reschedule, in its sole discretion, any particular Public Course. In the event a specific Public Course is cancelled, participants will be contacted by Global Safety Trainers to arrange a transfer to an alternative course date, or will otherwise be provided with a full refund if no alternative course date and location is reasonably available to the Client. Global Safety Trainers will use all endeavors to give as early advice as possible of any course changes or cancellations.
3.3. Transfer to another Course at the Client’s request is acceptable if notice is received in writing up to two (2) Business Days prior to the course commencement and may incur an administration fee of AUD $50 (plus GST) for all Australian and New Zealand Courses and USD$50 for all other locations.
3.4. Substitute of participant is acceptable prior to Course commencement at no charge.
3.5. Non-attendance of any Course will not entitle the participant to any refund, set-off, waiver or reduction of the Fee, and the participant remains required to pay all Fees in respect of courses that it does not attend, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Global Safety Trainers.
3.6. Fees for courses are clearly identified on promotional material and the website. Payment of fees does not mean a participant is guaranteed successful completion of a course.
3.8. Participants who have a complaint with the application of this policy may take action in accordance with the Complaints Procedure in Section 14.0.

4.0. Workbooks and Materials

Course workbooks and materials are provided during the courses in electronic format. Participants must have access to a portable computer with a USB drive as the course is ‘paperless’.

5.0 Harassment

Harassment and victimisation is offensive, intimidating, uninviting and unwelcome behaviour designed to damage, belittle, or take advantage of, another person.

It includes

  • physical assault, including sexual assault, offensive jokes and suggestions, verbal abuse,
  • distributing or displaying offensive material (pictures, cartoons, etc.);
  • making offensive telephone calls;
  • making suggestions about sexual activity or sexual favours with threats or promises
  • telling jokes or making derogatory comments about a person’s age, sex, race, cultural background or disability;
  • isolating, segregating, or humiliating, questioning or ignoring another’s capabilities because they are of a particular gender or belong to a minority group.

Global Safety Trainers  will follow up on complaints of harassment. You should first talk to the Trainer about your circumstances. You may also wish to talk to your employer. There is a process to follow such complaints that is fair and meets our legal obligations.  Alternatively you can contact our office on 1800 330 360 for assistance.

Once a complaint is received Global Safety Trainers will investigate the concern and key all parties updated.

You have the right to seek advice from relevant government bodies such as the Anti-Discrimination Board or an Ethnic Council.

6.0 Disability

Global Safety Trainers will make reasonable adjustments in order to cater for the needs of clients and students who have a disability. Training venues and facilities where possible will be accessible. Our evacuation training will take into account the needs of people with specific needs.

7.0 Language and Literacy Adjustments

  • Support persons such as signers and interpreters are welcome in our classes.
  • We will ensure that our training is delivered at a reasonable pace for the various types of learners in each class.
  • We will use Plain English and explain terminology with practical examples.
  • Assessment will be both written and practical.

8.0 Workplace Health & Safety

Our trainers and assessors are informed of:

  • The workplace health and safety legislation as it relates to their educational environments.
  • Principles and practice of effective WHS management.
  • Common hazards in educational environments.
  • WHS management systems, policies and procedures for reporting to Global Safety Trainers management.

9.0 Evacuation

In the case of an emergency requiring evacuation, the trainer will notify his/her class that they will be evacuating the building and will follow the designated procedures. The trainer will outline this procedure at the commencement of each course.

10.0 Copyright

Global Safety Trainers adheres to the Copyright Act. All course materials and software are licensed or owned by Global Safety Trainers.

11.0 Security

Personal property – Participants are responsible for their own personal belongings. Global Safety Trainers will not accept any responsibility for stolen or damaged personal property.

Participant records – Records are kept in a lockable filing cabinet in the administration offices. Only those with authority are able to access them. Participant records are not to leave the premises, except for when they are being archived.

12.0 Training Delivery

Global Safety Trainers can deliver:

  • Off-the-Job Training – in training rooms at your workplace or training centres.
  • On-the-job Training – On the location designated by your Company.

13.0 Certification and Statement of Attendance

Participants will be provided with a Certificate or Attendance and must complete all course requirements to receive this.

An electronic copy of the Certificate or Attendance will be provided to participants via email within 7 business days of course completion.

We manage records to ensure their accuracy and integrity and any requests for re-issue of the Certificate should be made to

14.0. Participant Complaints Procedures

All complaints and appeals must be dealt with in a constructive and timely manner.

Steps to follow if clients or participants have a complaint with Global Safety Trainers. We are customer focused and want to use complaints as an opportunity to improve our services.

  • In the first instance, the complaint should be discussed with the relevant Trainer. If not satisfied, a contact form should be filled out and addressed to the Managing Director of Global Safety Trainers.
  • Details of any meetings with the complainant will be recorded in writing and the complainant informed.

Global Safety Trainers will assist to gain an independent review of the findings if relevant.  This may be through an external consultant or mediator.

If agreement still cannot be reached, and the complainant wishes to pursue the matter it can be taken to the Department of Fair Trading or the Training Complaints Hotline.

15.0 Records and Privacy

Information that we collect from you is used only for the services that we provide and no client information is shared with other organisations. We agree to collect, manage, use and disclose personal information strictly in accordance with privacy legislation.

16.0. How to get the most out of your Global Safety Trainers Course

  • Come well rested and have breakfast or a meal prior to commencing.
  • Come ready to learn — determine to leave outside concerns and work behind for these few hours.
  • Don’t give people your mobile and tell them that you can be contacted during the course. This is very disruptive to the whole group. You will be asked to switch off your mobile during the training.
  • Allow plenty of time — plan to be 15-30 minutes early.
  • Pre-read any material we send you.
  • Wear appropriate loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Where personal protective equipment is a requirement, participants are expected to wear it.

17.0. Our Responsibility

We welcome feedback on the policy and aim to have a thorough and robust process in place to suit the needs of participants and employers.  Feedback can be given by calling the office on 1800 330 360 or by emailing