Global Safety Trainers was formed by a group of internationally regarded subject matter experts in safety management, human factors and accident investigation, who were seeking a forum unrestrained by academic and education institution requirements to deliver advanced safety training programs. Our training is NOT ordinary and not delivered anywhere else. If you are seeking extraordinary training programs in integrated safety management, critical control management, human factors analysis, mental health and advanced incident investigation techniques, delivered by the best in their field – then you are in the right place.


We are real world practitioners that have worked with some of the largest organisations globally in the aviation, surface and marine transport, oil and gas, mining, healthcare and utilities industries. We apply the latest research driven solutions to organisational, cultural and human factors challenges that continue to dominate incident statistics across a range of high risk industries. See below for information about our Public Training Programs tha we offer globally


We do not offer training programs that look like every one else on the block. Our trainers have already built impressive reputations and are highly regarded subject matter experts in their field. They are passionate about providing their extraordinary knowledge to help individuals go to the next level in their safety journey. Improving safety performance in any endeavour is not a destination but a journey that we can help you stay on the right path.